Next level escape mission in Leuven

Escapehouse Emerantia

Have you already played some escape rooms before? Can you handle an exciting and thrilling mission?
Then you are ready for this new experience: Escape House Emerantia in Leuven, een ‘next level escape mission’.

A mission in a mysterious house with an authentic feel.

The challenge is to fulfill all the tasks and solve all the puzzle as quick as possible to get further into the game. You have 85 minutes to finish the mission successfully.

Our advise to beginners: try some escape rooms first and get experience in the kind of puzzles to be find in an escape room. We learned that without any escape-experience it is not ideal to play Escapehouse Emerantia because you might need a lot of hints with also less chance to make it to the end. This will break the immersiveness and get you out of the story. We find this very unfortunate for the players. Also, there is no explanation or introduction at the start of the activity.

Age limit: min 16 yo.
Minimum number of players: 4, maximum 7 players.

It is no horror-house, but the atmosphere is dim, melancholic with a couple of jumpscares.


Escape House Emerantia – A Thrilling Experience

Discover the story of the family Claessens