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Escape House Emerantia Leuven

Did you already played some escape rooms before? Can you handle an exciting and thrilling adventure?
Then you are ready for this new experience: Escape House Emerantia in Leuven, een ‘next level escape mission’.

A mission in a mysterious house with an authentic feel.


The challenge is to fulfill all the tasks and solve all the puzzle as quick as possible to get further into the game. You got max. 80 minutes to finish the mission successfully.

Our advise to beginners: try some escape rooms first and get a bit experience in the kind of puzzles to be find in an escape room. We learned that without any escape-experience it is not ideal to play Escapehouse Emerantia because you might need a lot of help and hints. This will break the immersiveness and get you out of the story. We find this very unfortunate for the players. Also, there is no explanation or introduction at the start of the activity.

Age limit: min 18 yo. No exceptions.
Minimum number of players: 4. Maximum numbers of players: 6.

The essence of the escapehouse is the common experience in a select group. Therefore, we can not allow a bigger group.

It is no horror-house, but the atmosphere is dim, melancholic with a couple of jumpscares.


Escape House Emerantia – A Thrilling Experience


Ratings Escape House Emerantia Leuven


The story of Emerantia Van Dormael and the family Claessens.

Sfeerimpressie Escape House Leuven


It is 1985 and you are in the home of the family Claessens. It’s said that this home once belonged to Emerantia van Dormael, a woman accused of witchcraft. She was burned at the stake, but legend says her spirit still lives on and haunts the city of Leuven.

Eva, the little daughter of the family Claessens, disappeared a few months ago. Because of this, the mother was struck by an all-devouring sa

dness. She still believes Eva will return and has turned to God, to protect her from the spirit of the witch Emerantia, who she believes to still reside in the basement of the house.

The mother continues to declare that this witch is responsible for the disappearance of little Eva and she wants to prove this. She feels like Eva is still near, but fatigued by hopelessness she lives in solitude. Because of this, the house has fallen in disrepair.

Your task is to search the house and to discover the truth. Is the mother really insane or is she telling the truth about Emerantia?

Do you feel the presence of little Eva?



Persons Total price p.p
4 130 32,5
5 140 28
6 150 25

This game can be played in English. Select this option during the booking process.

Normally, you pay the total amount due with your online booking. This is possible with mastercard, visa, ideal, bancontact, … Extra persons pay 15 euro at the activity. This can be paid cash or by smartphone bancontact app. There is no pay terminal at the activity.

The game is a bit longer then a normal escaperoom: 80 minutes. But, if you succeed your escapemission within 60 minutes, you’ll win a bottle of cava to celebrate! Nevertheless, don’t count on it to heavily… Emerantia provided enough puzzles and riddles for it to be nearly impossible to do in one hour. Ofcourse, you can always prove her wrong…


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Book “a thrilling experience” in Escape House Emerantia.

Only online reservations possible.

Warning: minimum agelimit is 18yo.

Min. number of players is 4, max. 6.
Are you looking for an escape-activity for a bigger group? Take a look at Escape Room Leuven.

We ask you to arrive 15 minutes before the booked hour. The game starts strict on time. You got 80 minutes to fulfill your escapemission. There is no explanation or intro in the beginning, so this is a game for experienced players.

See you soon for a unforgettable exuberant experience!