The game is in which language?
The default language is Flemish, after all it’s a Flemish story. During the booking process you can choose ENGLISH as language for the game. It’s NOT the language of the bookingmodule, it’s an OPTION you can choose within the booking. So only Dutch or English, no French or German, Russian,…

Is it scary?
Scary is subjectif. Emerantia is a thrilling adventure, but certainly not horror. Maybe it is not suited for everyone, therefore, we hold on to our agelimit of 18 yo. If you scare easily, it is wise to assemble a good team around you. Together, you don’t feel that scared, normally.

Are there actors in the game?
No. There are no actors present during the game.

Is it dangerous? 
No. There won’t be dangerous stunts and there are enough emergency buttons so you can always exit the house. Of course it is not allowed to play with electrical wires or to perform irresponsible stunts.

There are, however some jumpscares so if you are hypersensitive (cardiac problems), it is wise to take this in consideration before booking the game.

Is it possible to book the game for more then 6 peoples?

Is it possible to play the game with less then 4 peoples?
No, the minimum number of players really is 4. Try to find a replacement if someone should cancel. Some puzzles are not playable with 3.

How to book?
On the page ‘Book Now’ there is a button that will direct you to a bookingpage. Or click here. It is possible to book up to 40 days in advance.

Can I get an invoice? 
Surely you can! Book online and send us (before the activity) an email with the correct information and booking number. We will send you the invoice..

What is your cancellation-policy?
Cancellation > 14 days before activity: complete refund.

Cancellation > 8 days < 14 days before activity: voucher for the payed amount. The voucher is valid for one year.

Cancellation < 8 days before activity: a voucher for the payed amount minus a cancellation-cost of 60 Euros.

Cancellation at the day of the activity: voucher for 50% of the payed amount.

No show: No refund.

Is the room in English?
Yes. When you book the room online, choose ‘English’ as default language. All text will be provided in English.

I got a voucher that expired…
The voucher can be prolonged, but minus a administrative cost of 10 Euros. Send us a mail with the code of the voucher, we’ll check this and send you a new code that is valid for one year.

Hungry? Thirsty?
Kaminsky of Pigeon D’or   are pubs where you can grab a small bite. Both are at the Tiensepoort, 3 min walking from Escapehouse Emerantia. There is also a Sushi restaurant a bit further in our street (2 min walk). Or look on Tripadvisor for more options.

WARNING: The game starts strict at the booked hour. We advise you to arrive 15 min. in advance. There is a toilet at the Escapehouse and also some drinks. If you arrive to late, the door will be closed and you can’t start the game.