A game is max 85 minutes
 PersonsTotale prijs   
 4136 €  (34pp)
 5150 € (30 pp)
 6162 € (27 pp)
 7 *175 € (25 pp)
* On general request we allow 7 persons but know that this is not ideal. Actually these are 2 extra persons than. But it can be fun to do this as group together and it lowers the price.

This game can be played in English. Select this option during the booking process.

The total amount due can be paid during the online booking. Extra persons pay 15 euro CASH at the activity. There is no pay terminal at the activity.

The game is a longer than a normal escaperoom: 85 minutes. If you succeed your escapemission within 65 minutes, you’ll win a bottle of cava to celebrate!

Nevertheless, don’t count on it to heavily… Emerantia provided enough puzzles for it to be nearly impossible to do in a short time period. Of course, you can always prove her wrong…

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