Escape House Emerantia in Leuven offers a different and new experience then traditional escape rooms.

It is the sole escape in Flanders with that many different spaces in one game. The experience is more mysterious and thrilling. There is more time and a more immersive approach. You really get a feeling that you are in the middle of the story.

People like this and there wildly enthusiastic reviews are to be found on our Facebook-page. 

“This was so thrilling! It was a truly immersive and unique experience. My group had done escape rooms before, but having a whole house dedicated to the scenario made the experience much more convincing. Good puzzles too!”

Fans at ourĀ TripAdvisor page:

“After some escape rooms, we decided to go for the escape house experience. It was Fun, original and creepy!! We had big fun – a must do!”

“This was an amazing experience. The concept is the same as an escape room but here we really had a feeling we were in a real movie.. sound and visual effects are top and you have 80 minutes so definitely a very special experience. I strongly recommend.”

To have a whole house dedicated to the mission really takes the escape room concept to the next level. It is just so much more immersive and convincing! This was very well done.

Sinds ik het huis heb betreden, heb ik ‘s nachts visioenen! Ik zie dan allerlei locaties in Leuven en dan iets met 3 cijfers! Het blijft vaag maar het is heel bizar! Buiten dit was het zeer fijn en konden we een bijzondere foto terugvinden op de facebook-pagina van Escape House Emerantia.

Thanks to all the awesome comments of previous escapers, we can guarantee you a absolutely cool experience!

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